Haggerty Surveys Ltd.

Haggerty Surveys Ltd.
Finding the Line Between Yours and Mine

Why a Surveyor?

How does hiring a surveyor help me?

Knowing your boundaries is foundational to private property protection. By finding the line  between yours and mine, you can rest easy knowing where you can conduct your business, and “good fences make good neighbours.”

Why not just get a metal detector and find your own survey markers?

One of the benefits of western Canada’s survey system, is that it does empower landowners to find their property boundaries. This is because metal monuments are placed at many property corners.
Not infrequently, however, monuments are destroyed, moved, or easily confused with other buried material or monuments set for different purposes. A land surveyor’s training, experience, and technology ensures that there is no confusion in the determination of your boundaries, however complex the situation is.

Isn’t a survey expensive?

Moving or redoing land improvements as a result of encroachments and conflicts is expensive. Disagreements with neighbouring property owners, local governments, and utility providers can create considerable discomfort, tension, and legal costs. With a neutral third party determining the boundaries, you can avoid these costs.

Is title insurance enough?

Title insurance is intended to protect you from identity threats and to give the banks additional security. While it can help offset the costs of moving encroaching structures, it does not help safeguard your property layout in a way that gives you optimal use of your space. For example, if your garage needs moving, but you do not actually have the space for it to move, you may end up with a much smaller, less useful, garage. Your property values could easily be diminished. It is a reactive, rather than a preventative measure. We highly recommend that you talk to us before you build or you buy.